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Review: Alexa Ray Corriea’s Kingdom Hearts II

If writing a thoughtful, thorough, stimulating nonfiction book about a video game sounds like a challenge, then choosing Kingdom Hearts II as the subject of such a book must be performing that task on Expert mode.

Paper Dolls

Each of the sprites in these games took up precious memory, and had to be drawn by hand, pixel by pixel, one variation for every frame of movement, so what makes your enemies unique is not graphical differentiation but context and imagination.

Video Games Were There for Me: An Interview with Adam Tarantino

When I went to live with my mother and my older sister, video games were there to distract me while my mother worked all day. I found the worlds of video games fascinating, an escape from my situation, much akin to what you described in your book.

Boss Fight Books: Baldur’s Gate, Spelunky, WoW, MGS!

The writers that Gabe has corralled for this season are impressive and diverse—Matt Bell is best-known for his surreal novel-as-fable In the House upon the Dirt between the Lake and the Woods, while Ashly and Anthony Burch are famous for the video series “Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin.”