Quest Items: On Controllers

I can be in the backyard, in the woods, sitting on the porch steps. The world of Pokémon anywhere and everywhere.

Quest Items: On Cartridge Games

Don’t blow that hard into it you knucklehead, my brother would say, snatching the cartridge from my hands. He would blow into it softly, hands gripping the other end gently, telling me like this, like this.

Far More Playgrounds: A Conversation with Alyse Knorr

But what was important for me about SMB3 was that it was a “safe” environment where I could perform my homosexuality by chasing/desiring the princess. I had this limitless free space in which to explore.

Save Point: Final Fantasy X

“Now that the conflict is over, they can be their utopian selves.” But the world we have doesn’t work like this. There is never an end to the conflict.