‘The Fighter of Nortune’ & ‘Jungian’

The Fighter of Nortune


How many versions of you can there be?
Multi-million deals, virtual genealogies,
monstrous Hollywood handprints,
the aphasic on suicide missions.

In a discounted edition of the world,
you lead the invasion.
A three-hundred-million-year-
old princess is offered as down payment —

your skin oozes its trademark phlegm.
When was the last time the government
loaned you a pair of corrective lenses
to fight?

Like Samson, pull the pillars to the ground.
But give the guests sufficient time to leave
the rave. In red solitude
the hero can adjust to his own reputation.




Hogs commune in an open field
to decide your fate.

The course of reincarnation
is the reenactment of Cain’s decapitation
of his brother’s flock
because God — too — looks away.

The pigs mumble under their stitches.

Fei practices variations of punches
on a board of Scrabble,

his two-dimensional frame rotating
and rotating until parts of his innocence
are sacrificed to the wild wiring

behind the television.

One god pulls a screw
from his chest
and offers it to his son,
who wears it as an earring.

The hogs misbehave in pixels.

Even martyrs
reject the thought of a comeback.