The Princess Wishes for Her Own Ending

She is hungry for blood and dirt, not the cold stone walls or the warm spring pools where she bathes, or even the sweet perfumes her maidservants comb into her inevitably long, inevitably blonde hair. She is told she is beautiful so many times she does not know who she is.

We Have Always Loved Kana

They smile and touch my hair, I am an entire potentiality of fingertips and cleverness and I lust with the hugeness of all my doings. Their eye glitters with more mischief than an entire sack of stolen jewels.

The Life and Times of doomcock69

Even now, I don’t think he can articulate how he knew that computers would be so magical. Maybe it was just that his dad liked them, and at this early age, cubsfan85 wanted to be like his dad. But personally, what I think it was is he could sense the vibrations of his future. His entire life unfolding from that single point in time.

Deleted Scenes from a World You Can’t Forget

Your hair has grown too long after your year asleep. So you take the knife at your hip, the one with the wet bandana tied around the hilt, and begin to slice the excess length of tangled hair.

The Angel of Myself Is Not Forgiveness

When the sun spit its light over the mountains I had only climbed down from a few days earlier, I kicked to life a fire I did not make and ignored the slow music of the world to which each of us dance before departing.