February, 2015

Congratulations to Georgia Bellas!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Georgia Bellas’ poem, “How Not to Win At Big Buck Hunter,” has been selected for the Best of the Net 2014 anthology, published by Sundress Publications.

One Player’s Guide, Act II: A Conversation with Sam Martone

Generally in my fiction the characters are collectors or creators of some kind and totally driven by that, or they’re hung up on a particular idea, trying to figure out how to deal with it or escape from it—now that I say this, it kind of sounds like I’m describing fiction in general. My stories also tend to wear disguises, solve mysteries, hang around with monsters.

One Player’s Guide: A Conversation with Sam Martone

Video games, especially older ones when designers were more limited in terms of what they could do/show, have such strange internal logics, making for totally unfamiliar, surreal narratives that I don’t think could’ve arisen in traditional fiction (the same way film opened up all sorts of doors for stories, too).

Gameplaylist — An Object You Cannot Lose

The songs on this playlist are not, by and large, directly related to video games (although the opening to Man Man’s “Knuckle Down” certainly calls to mind 16-bit dungeon trawling). Instead, this is just a set of songs I listened to a lot around when I started work on An Object You Cannot Lose. It was my first year living in Arizona.