August, 2014

Mega Man 2

Everything will try to kill you, incessantly. Don’t be scared.

I’m not scared.

I don’t even know what scared means.

Two Poems: ‘Melting’ & ‘Robot’

You’ll be sleeping gently and I’ll know you
by your lurid exterior,
is I know the humboldt squid,
the abandoned arcade.

Writer/Gamer Q&A: Justin Brouckaert

First goes the speed and agility, then the athleticism. Strength was never there. Finally you’re just a scrawny grad student with a mediocre mid-range jumper, getting blown out on the B-court every other week. It would be a sad game.

Is a King of the Blues?

Let me tell you an interesting lie. I hadn’t seen anything as beautiful as the inside of my eyelids before you found me. That’s not the lie.

Ode to Oot

Straddle that line between the life you have now and the life you hope for, and as time has told over and over, choices will have to be made because one cannot have both.