Donkey Kong Country

High Scores: Forest Interlude

An “interlude” is a short piece between acts in a play. More broadly, it’s any piece in the middle, without a real connection to the main events of the narrative. This is the last entry in this column, but it’s not the last I’ll write on video games and the music that makes them magical.

High Scores: Stickerbrush Symphony

“Stickerbrush Symphony” interests me mainly as a narrative device. Beautiful as the song is on its own, it works on my heart as part of a story. Or, more aptly, two stories: the story of DKC2 and the story of childhood.

Donkey Kong Country D’eux

Just the migraine medication, please, or Vicodin, Oxycodone, heroin, anything to numb the pain in her scalp, the strain of weight on her roots, the sea sickness, the constant spinning, spinning, spinning.