Two Skyrim Poems

where is your blubber? it is colder here than you
in this nuclear winter untouched by sun, this liminal

territory peopled by animals, inhabited by blondes
and blue-eyes. you don’t see the history of predation:

Patch Notes

Giving someone a Void Egg on their birthday will never
make your spouse jealous. Void Eggs can now be used
to make Void Mayonnaise.

One Positive Difference: A Conversation with Marissa Landrigan

I was in awe at the prospect of a same-sex marriage in this world. It was so casual—less than casual, really. The game, being a program, didn’t have any opinion whatsoever about whether my female player-character married a female non-player-character.

‘Main Character Disease’ and other poems

I leave a deep wound.
And between you and me,

nothing should be as crammable
as putty,

but when asked
what I mean to you

you didn’t blink once

New Game Plus

When you look up, you remember this feeling. The sky dismembered by waves and angles and prisms. You remember this, grasping for solid land, searching for “up” as if it were some lost treasure. You remember a jewel glimmering red as an “OFF” light in the reeds and rushes of the water.