June, 2015

Retrogamer: An Objective Reality and a Croconaw

There’s, like, ten million versions of Pokémon. It’s sold millions of copies. There are half-a-dozen movies about it, and a television show. The gear is everywhere. I played for ten hours because there had to be something there, some quality. Sometimes three billion smokers are right.

Paper Dolls

Each of the sprites in these games took up precious memory, and had to be drawn by hand, pixel by pixel, one variation for every frame of movement, so what makes your enemies unique is not graphical differentiation but context and imagination.

The Push [START] to Begin Chapbook Contest

Between July 1 and December 31, 2015, Cartridge Lit will be accepting submissions of chapbook-length collections of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and hybrid work inspired by video games for its first contest: The Push [START] to Begin Chapbook Contest.

‘Outer Space Love Letter’ and other poems

The cold black
waters of Maine; earthy and lax Mid-
Atlantic; obscene Technicolor
heaven in the South. No partner, no
daughter swinging my hand, singing.
I’ve been walking
all my life.

Mountain Simulator



I may or may not be alive inside
I may or may not be alive
I may or may not be
I may or may not be a mountain