The Last of Us

Missing Crooked

For so long, I’ve scoured
thumbprints on maps, empty

corridors, boats in harbor, constellations
that refuse to navigate. Thick with shrapnel

and gutted like a shoe
without laces, I stumble, call for you

Two Poems

fairytale posing as apocalypse
what would a queer story be
without fungus-wearing flesh eaters,
bashing in the heads of civilians

The Last of Us

What was funny when the world existed

still holds—Dr. Oceanfront, Hall of Fame Top 10 Reviewer
is a favorite life of ours to consider—long after the last Amazon
Prime order went through, is he somewhere, out there

‘Main Character Disease’ and other poems

I leave a deep wound.
And between you and me,

nothing should be as crammable
as putty,

but when asked
what I mean to you

you didn’t blink once