Chrono Trigger

A Classic Quest: A Conversation with Benjamin Kinney

I think about certain things differently because I played so many video games. The Harvest Moon games influenced how I conceptualize life in general and especially making and spending money, a topic I’m still obsessed with today. Every time I do anything even remotely adventurous, I pretend I’m Lara Croft from Tomb Raider.

Words Fail Him

My only other friend here is a girl named Lucca, and she has already amazed me with what she can build from scraps. Can we just own cats, Marle? Can we visit the inn whenever we get bored, and can we hope that Lucca someday invents something to solve your ennui?

On ‘Chrono Trigger’, the Book

The book makes me want to dig for the box I know contains my copy of Chrono Trigger and all its siblings. Makes me want to remember how to connect a Super Nintendo to a modern-day TV (the RF/antenna connector still works but remember how much you hate screwing them in!).