November, 2014

Retreat from Battle Now?

Those old Sierra adventure games were great because you could play them over and over, memorizing all the tricks and turns, until you could navigate the story perfectly. No awkward pauses, no action plateaus. Just a perfectly interactive story that ended well for everyone. Except the bad guys. In that game, I think the evil fairy was turned into a baby at the end. So she could have a second chance. Or so that everyone around her could.

The Immersive Experience

You can help us. Only you have the strength, the intelligence, the stamina to save us. We have a local spider problem. Please take care of the spiders for us. Yes, we are stronger, but it is better if you take care of our local spider problem.


I don’t know what to do. I was typing instead of reading. He continues to walk around me with my knife in his shoulder. There’s a button that shows me my character and it terrifies me.