May, 2014

Writer/Gamer Q&A: Brian Oliu

We’re kicking off what we hope to be a regular feature on the Airship, contributor Q&As, with Brian Oliu. He wrote the wonderfully lyric non-fiction piece we launched with: “Goonies II”.

‘The Fighter of Nortune’ & ‘Jungian’

How many versions of you can there be?
Multi-million deals, virtual genealogies,
monstrous Hollywood handprints,
the aphasic on suicide missions.

This Isn’t Really About Fishing

When they asked his gender, he clicked female. People ask if this was deliberate on his part. Did he want to be a girl?


You are staring at the
statue of a lion. When the light hits it, he may
take a step. You are staring at the statue’s
eyelid. Open, please.