I am harboring guilt over the hundreds & hundreds
of Pokémon trapped inside of their Poke balls trapped

inside of my phone. I want to say something important
like “Pokémon is capitalism” or “Pokémon is imperialism”

or—worse—“Pokémon is slavery,” but what do I know,
what can I know. History is a box. I am looking inside.

Capable Monsters: An Interview with Marlin M. Jenkins

I wanted to pick Pokédex entries that felt resonant, and in most cases, pokémon that I had an emotional attachment to. I didn’t have any criteria that bound me to the first generation—if anything, I wanted to resist the part of the fandom that idealizes the early games/show and dismisses what’s come after.

Three Pokémon Poems

You are still trying to name yourself, still scribbling on your tombstones, still threading through sutures. You are partition & parenthesis.

ode to pokemon trainer Red

i hope Red had taken time to write his
requiem for his lost dad, when trainer
Silver, had happened
to find him praying at the mountain froth.

Quest Items: On Controllers

I can be in the backyard, in the woods, sitting on the porch steps. The world of Pokémon anywhere and everywhere.