March, 2017

Retrogamer: Welcome to the Show

I never cared much about baseball. I enjoyed going to Orioles games, and I liked pretending to care who won. I liked being part of the crowd, the roar and groans. I liked cursing at opposing pitchers and seeing the sun set over the stadium, casting mile-long shadows.

To Defeat the Devil: A Conversation with Adrienne Celt

The different stops that Daniel makes on his journey back to Osiris do feel like scenes in a desolate, Myst-like game, and it makes sense to me to view Daniel’s journey as a kind of heroic quest […]

Save Point: The Poet of Arni

I was 15 when Chrono Cross came out, and though at the time I was reading some poetry in my English classes, it was the video game that sold me on the power of verse.