Final Fantasy 6

Deleted Scenes from a World You Can’t Forget

Your hair has grown too long after your year asleep. So you take the knife at your hip, the one with the wet bandana tied around the hilt, and begin to slice the excess length of tangled hair.

High Scores: Terra’s Theme

That “Terra’s Theme” disappears from the game in the World of Ruin (the game’s second half) does not diminish the importance of her character. In fact, by examining how “Terra’s Theme” and its leitmotifs dominate the World of Balance (the game’s first half) but localize in the WoR, we can see how Terra’s story is, in fact, the story of FFVI. To cast Terra as less than the protagonist is to miss the game’s central themes, narratively and musically.

FF6 + Wu-Tang Clan

2 Mello is a composer and MC from Lexington, Kentucky, and has just dropped this album of remixes between Final Fantasy 6 music and Wu-Tang. He is our new hero.