January, 2015

Writer/Gamer Q&A: Maggie Sullivan

Maggie Sullivan’s “Ode to Oot“: three wonderfully lyrical, wonderfully searching pieces of non-fiction, existing both within the world of Hyrule, and all worlds, somehow simultaneously. Check those out, and then tune in below to her favorite games and thoughts on being a writer/gamer! Maggie is a non-fiction MFA candidate at Columbia College Chicago. She’s been published […]

‘Trail’ & ‘Jockey Box Talks’

In a town a general store
is still general, its shelves warp
under dichotomies. Do we buy the food
or take the ammo? Saloon doors are never quite shut.
A family in a wagon is called a party.

New Game Plus

When you look up, you remember this feeling. The sky dismembered by waves and angles and prisms. You remember this, grasping for solid land, searching for “up” as if it were some lost treasure. You remember a jewel glimmering red as an “OFF” light in the reeds and rushes of the water.

The Mouth

Blinky twists and somehow turns himself outward in order to face the glass. In his dream he had form and substance. In his dream he lived on the other side of the glass, and the rituals of Mouth and Ghost were nothing more than a game to him. In his dream, he could see his body’s reflection in the glass, but the only thing he remembers about how he looked, was that his body had Inky’s black, ever-open, eyes.