July, 2014

Patch Notes

of fatigue, of frost

of taking right turns
around the same block for days

for the Memory of a Birthday dying

Play This: Leave Luck to Heaven

Cartridge Lit contributor Brian Oliu has a new book out, Leave Luck to Heaven, from Uncanny Valley Press. The book is a collection of video game-twinged lyric essays that have been published in just about every literary magazine imaginable, and they’re all pretty amazing. Go “play” this.

democratic domes and anarchical gyres

the mechanism of every second pulling you in uncountable directions. the progress of spinning in place, the trek through the same footprints you’ve worn into memory—and then you open your eyes

Self Portrait as Flash Gordon

There is no Flash Gordon, only this space
ship swiveling back and forth in an arena
of stars that are not stars but pixels flickering,
an illusion of movement.


my horns branch and splinter and

i don’t have it in me
to call them antlers.