Patch Notes

of fatigue, of frost

of taking right turns
around the same block for days

for the Memory of a Birthday dying

for they patched up the bed
until it was barely lethal

like most deaths I’ve had on the Sims

between being trampled by cows
and dying in the car 

after arriving at the destination

of muscular incoordination

of At Night

of losing track of the kitchen




under certain conditions
of a flip or stutter

a child Sim
stretch to adult size

on a “Time Out”
causing its relationships to break

spinning into its clothes

under certain conditions
of a fringe or ruffle

will be permanently stuck

eating specific meals

taking drugs forever




at the moment of a Sim’s birth
an interview no longer appears as a wish

to make everyone happy

of crystal and young girls
reducing the urge to exit

for an extra diploma
from motive failure

of money, standing upright
is a neat Sim
putting himself out 

in Greek terms,
being in a movie, being

stuck in another Sim’s head
trying to speak

of children and atomic bombs, of drones,

of certain places, large

things no longer duplicated
when moving homes




after “Learning to Talk”
at acceptable levels 

Sims will be able to

no longer deforms
no longer performs

mean Socials 

with a Sim on a different floor 

of number, of numbers, a number
of job requests, appropriate needs
and love letters

no longer get stuck 

from wishes filled my city
with a Sim on a different floor

can now be placed

can now learn songs

of a faint line no longer visible