Retrogamer: Threshold

Once the ship is captured, it is hidden behind the Boss and the player. By destroying the boss, players can free the ship and use it at the same time for double fighters. “Some people,” Michael said, as he allowed his fighter to be taken, “prefer to only use one. You can play however you like.”

‘Outer Space Love Letter’ and other poems

The cold black
waters of Maine; earthy and lax Mid-
Atlantic; obscene Technicolor
heaven in the South. No partner, no
daughter swinging my hand, singing.
I’ve been walking
all my life.

Video Games Were There for Me: An Interview with Adam Tarantino

When I went to live with my mother and my older sister, video games were there to distract me while my mother worked all day. I found the worlds of video games fascinating, an escape from my situation, much akin to what you described in your book.