June, 2015

‘Main Character Disease’ and other poems

I leave a deep wound.
And between you and me,

nothing should be as crammable
as putty,

but when asked
what I mean to you

you didn’t blink once

San Antonio Spurs and the Beyond Yet Under Our Control

Flying an airplane is much like playing a videogame—there is the sensation of controlling something much larger than you are: an embodiment of a vessel, a commanding of an internal and external space. There is movement and stasis: all things reactionary.

Four Dungeon Songs

Now the day heads towards the spirits
of the flies. & sleep is a meander
to retrieve other words for lover
or search out more seekers for coffins,
adventure, & adjacent verbs

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare

Because to huddle so close to another player in this game is to set yourself up for death, for a life of relying on strangers to protect you from a weapon they never see coming. I’m too old to always be at the top of the leaderboard.