August, 2014

Writer/Gamer Q&A: Robert James Russell

Games with great graphics are cool, sure, but I want something that’s going to take me deeper in and give me an emotional reaction to it. Inspire me to feel something, whatever that might be. The Last of Us was the last game I played to do that—to put the story absolutely first, in my opinion. And it was incredible. And I try to remind myself of that: that storytelling, in any form, in any medium, can be a powerhouse.

Look to the Angry Birds of the Air

Once I am there, everything is lines and shapes. Their bloated bodies mix among the rubble and their curves diminish into hard angles.

Evil does not work like a network

Evil does not work like a network, it can not be tossed, even if you make it so big, this is stupid, I still see each fishing line ease it like a puppet. This swing set like a dinghy elbowing its way through all the docked boats at the pier. Tease enemy in their words, […]

Here, the frame rate chugs processing a deep black

H ere, the frame rate chugs processing a deep black and round ceremonious rooms, she slow walks on brackish | teak wood cat walks, load bearing and shoring, occasionally a torch in a cachepot. | Do they sense your heat? Are you programmed to reverb? To disturb their baking of beebread? | With hands like […]

Ghosts are where the bodies bled out

Ghosts are where the bodies bled out, they are now in stereoscope coaching gestalt methods on circumnavigating a throng. Grainy replays throw strikes in air and shield up steps into depths or fog garroting themselves on set traps so I can see before befalling geographic fates, too. The ghost is a useful sprag giving footstep […]