August, 2014

Demon is a stupid word

D emon is a stupid word | evil crawls out from rocks and brings with it orange fire | that doesn’t smoke, too hot | instead it rolls, it rolls us back to see instead he isn’t one but several, together we don’t come close to virtuosi | this polybody centipede covers all directions, he’s […]

He is willing and fervent he teases

H e is willing and fervent he teases, hopping over islands of water hyacinth, | sword in jaw yielded to the left, inexpert neck swings | paint long exposures, space light bubbles and steps, he’s just a pup | and this, a happy game inside some Roman arena. | Those eyes are not cut from […]

Now a note on the world economy

Now a note on the world economy, currency in the lit up souls of dead men Never has cash money paid for goods and services been taken to so literally mean Numerals to mark the spoils of violence, there are perks to being human Not the natal state of your journeyman but progress simply comes […]

Writer/Gamer Q&A: Andrew Donovan

I do wonder, however, if a writer wrote about, say, 1940s Hollywood, if someone would ask them, “How do you balance watching movies and writing?” It’s just that, in terms of time commitment, I devote as much time to playing games as some writers do to watching TV or reading blogs.