He is willing and fervent he teases


e is willing and fervent

he teases, hopping over

islands of water hyacinth,

| sword in jaw yielded to the

left, inexpert neck swings |

paint long exposures, space

light bubbles and steps, he’s just

a pup | and this, a happy game

inside some Roman arena. |

Those eyes are not cut from

the same facial kit.| VICTORY

ACHIEVED stamps with the

sound of jail doors closing, I’m

locked into a posture of focus, a

rib a shiv, | and she runs forward

in a suit of muscle as the big

music draws to its coda. | These

temples are so, oh, patience, oh,

a loading screen is a virtue and

oh, we aren’t even on a kind of

foxhunt. | I’m even wary of be

wary of warnings. The toggle

hits the toggle shell; a clicking

timpani | rolling glottis as I

swallow, bearing on the stick

and she sustains a canter, | steps