I have never contacted The Commander.
I have never interacted with The Commander.

I have never heard of the Commander
before his repeated threats of violence against me.

“I am ParkourDude91.”
“If you think I’m the type of person to let anything go, you don’t know me.”

I have to be honest.
“. . . the only guns I’ve ever had in videos were all Airsoft replicas.”

I’m not sure what needs to happen here.
“I am a 23 year old unemployed disabled veteran, alone in the world with no career
skills, no higher education, no girlfriend, totally isolated . . .”

“I have dignity.”
“It is known as Operation Wupocalypse.”

I’m entertainment. I’m not a person. I’m a sport.
. . . but the truth is, you’re frankly not a very smart enemy to have.

It’s my hope.
It’s my hope.


Adapted from statements made about and by Gamergate supporter Jace Connors (since revealed to be self-styled comedian Jan Rankowski) and Gamergate target Brianna Wu, who helped create the game pictured above.