Play Again

(quotes from Tetris Therapy: Game May Ease Traumatic Flashbacks by Charles Q. Choi, Live Science, 11/10/2010)

Play again, yes until all the pieces fit

until I can remember what it felt like to   (whisper it) cut. Being the blue cloudless &
hands ghosting. Until I can feel 20,000 heartbeats under the sea, until I am a flagellate or
a ciliate,         until my blood don’t sing no more.

Play again           again          again without pause

“To explain these unusual results, think of the mind as having two separate channels of thought. One is sensory, dealing with perceptions of the world as experienced through sight, sound, smell, taste and touch, while the other is conceptual, responsible for combining sensory details in a meaningful way.”

until there are things I don’t remember   (whisper it) discrete/discreet.     Being the littlest punk &
aching so sorry:    sorry you can’t love me back, sorry wet face, sorry Jack Be Nimble or
Jack Be Quick,               sorry staring into the high sun.

Play again               until the pieces fill
every hungry threshold

“[A]fter traumatic events, the sensory channel is thought to overwhelm the conceptual one. As such, we are less likely to, for example, remember a high-speed traffic accident as a story than as a flash of headlights and the noise of a crash.”

Play again               until the pieces fit
and disappear