‘Skull Kid’s Lament for the Dead’ and other poems

Skull Kid’s Lament for the Dead

Great world sinker they called
as you shaved your eyebrows

& gifted me the three jewels.
The dog headed. The horse headed.

The owl headed. The world tree
spat out three nuts. These nuts

grew into you, me, &
another tree. The upstart

tree truly believed in love.
It truly wished to see adults

die. I led people into the forest
& they died. I truly hate adults.

The Gorons have allied
with the King of Hyrule.

But the command is swallow, every
time. The Hylians do not eat rock!

The Hylians do not eat rock!
Your eyebrows are waterfowl,

your tunic my resting place.
Tie me to your shoe; I would sink with you.

You are strong enough to find the worm.
You are strong enough to eat my stew.

How boring the people of all nations
come together. Either imperialism or

communism. I don’t care for the end
of this game. Every struggle is the struggle

for the maintenance of heterosexuality.
Can it be otherwise while the jewels

spill from your nose & into my loving chute.
Can we mages dream? i.e. a ghost

chitters in the field & you kill it
& its lantern falls & starts no small fire.




What dragon is between us?
Drop party. You in teal armor.
You in bark armor. Archer kills me

in forest and I lose your
ring. I mine coal and you
give me a ring and we marry.

First sexual encounter.
Private chat this purpled text.
Bury my giant bones. Your prayer

level and fishing and cut right
across the desert. We are just
underneath the beginners. When

fields are cast with slaughtered
goblins? The year Sk8r Boi
came out we killed

a vampire together. What we found
in his basement. Switches on
off. Daily you take me to runes

and god words and black-armored
knights. I mine silver and you cook
a pie in the public house. My red bar.

Loading screen takes for ever.
These hunters keep arrowing the wilds.
Squeeze through. Take me. On. Sugar

battle axe lag. My DPS into
you. If you arrow me here I will
leave behind all but three items.


The Tides of an Un-Winnable War Are Upon Us

Don’t care who
Country the weak
Recent events to be sure
Call to resign
No human did not
parents just about done
While you’re at it
Fetish our common history
Time greater conflict has two
Against us threatening to destroy
All have accomplished
Many Nations Individual
Now hawks act tired
Open on the winnable are upon us
Refuge on higher ground
Lest we be swept away to receive
Whatever protection once provided
Man memory
With our enemies left unchecked
You turned action cash
Rock we have storming gowns
Now mine said go on manage no me
Hard time just a row in June
Humana denies spring already
How many times to decide actions
Carolina’s come show
Morning we three shall watch over you
From this day forward that no human make war upon any other human
Let me know tear and conspire
Against this new beginning
Let no man consort with the evening hours
At all the enemies of humanity
Seek not
Far away ball we show winds through
No matter no cost