A Farmer’s Book of Omens

Gotz’s Past

The mountain
is for them.

Ellen’s White Flower

I’m afraid the flower
killed you.

Doug’s Grief

A year is longer
than it feels.


Shooting Star Festival

Sometimes the sky is just
a lake you can’t feed.


Sasha’s Memory of Jeff

Tell me a love story where
only one of them cares.


Full Moon Festival

I think the moon’s true
form is a sickle.


Manna’s Worry

A daughter is always
an absence.


Basil’s Mistake

Please learn to tell words
from poison.


Pumpkin Festival

I’ll give you anything I have
for winter.


Cliff’s Photograph

When you go, this won’t
come with you.


Mayor Thomas’s Request

I never learned
to please you.


Starry Night Festival

I thought there’d be

Note: “A Farmer’s Book of Omens” uses some language borrowed from Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town and Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town.