Play Manual for GlueMan

GlueMan of great power, reluctant champion of the information age, bipedal blackhole; nothing escapes him, though he wishes otherwise.

GlueMan, pitted between the forces of external sensory overload and internal emotional combustion. He fights with homemade adhesives; Our hero, chimera of splinters and paste.

GlueMan navigates the world on perilous missions: Wednesday night supermarket shopping after all the churches have let out; office Christmas  parties at dive bars with open karaoke, and foamy churning sea of small talk; ten minutes, twenty minutes, fifty minutes I must be getting home, with questions of his daily accomplishments and struggles on endless, warbling loop, and the baffling fight to pay  and  leave  no  thank  you, no  more,  please,  just  the check.

The more GlueMan takes in, the closer he gets to exploding into a cloud of fiberglass dust, an airborne itch.

The game of GlueMan provides no system of measurement for determining Our hero’s potential danger level.  GlueMan  himself doesn’t know how much pressure it will take, so your knowledge is as good as his. There are also no defined beginnings or endings to GlueMan’s missions; there is no completion, and dangers are  always  present  and  in play.

GlueMan is a game about keeping it all together. There is no victory to be found, or villain to be vanquished. GlueMan is a game of blind maintenance. How long can you keep Our hero from coming unglued?