Self-Portrait as Faris, “Bare”

she had vain imaginations
                  they were supposed to agree
to the forms of words,
impersonal repetition, virulent
                                                        bred light

she displaced the paragraph lives
looked at the vignettes
                                     and read the pseudonyms
recklessly raw, placed together

having been thrown from a wall
                                                        emptied silhouettes

                  bastardly remained
overrun and hollow
with an aimless destiny
                  created in her image
                                     a scripture
alone, meticulous
a mirror walkthrough as pirate
chasing pre-destined bigotry
                  linear, cartooned, celestial
skull and cross bones.

she bounds through
                                                        ship cemeteries
lipless, tells of
                                     clouds and the sky
waves to sweep
her outline
                                     takes back
twirled iron hooks
                  peeled from cherubs
                                     treasure stashes

a pirate company
                                     stricken with strife
                                                        cold air
reproved lying next to
                  what she misses most
patched eyes

the past resists itself
                                     living tissue ornate
fake flag pirouettes
float over ocean graves.