notes on a new life


here          the grass wears green

better than I do



hospitality now a question

of territory


so how much of myself do I give

to the tiger next door



a wolf shops for housewares          the same way I do

her teeth gleam                    she reminds me

of the dogs I’ve never had               never will



there is comfort in the sleep of fossils

where in talking past lives and conservation practices


I learn the slow crawl of collecting

is for diurnal animals



this body               now a landscape

population            ever-changing      evergreen

I come to love everyone                     who has ever walked over me



later          weather was improved

the villagers now neither happy         nor sad

still            only frogs refuse umbrellas




listen        I can’t pick up a life

I never put down


*note #6 is language directly taken from the Animal Crossing wiki page on weather, which I must suggest makes for excellent reading.