Author’s Note:  I’ve been working on a series of Game Genie Poems—poetry written using limited word-length lipograms—written entirely within the 1990 Nintendo peripheral: the Game Genie. Every code used 8 or 6 letters, as well as being limited to the 16 letters available in the Game Genie input screen. This poem “PLAYTEST” uses entirely 8-letter words.

Engaging stoutest paesanos
segueing onyxlike pipeages
Tanooki’s skinsuit stylings
galivant Yukonian settings
visiting veillike exploits
astutely gleaning passkeys
toggling isogonal polygons
noisiest, zappiest puzzling
pliantly illusion seekings

existent Galagian atavists;
utilizes pixelate logotype
installs sassiest initials