Kaizo Block*

“Sometimes the point of a kaizo block is to help define the shape of the space you’re in.” – GlitchCat7

So much is defined by the shape of our pain.
The scar on my arm where my thumb rubbed through layer after layer of skin.
When my dad’s slowest moans touched the corners of the room
and returned by the time he died.

Something invisible shows itself
in our most vulnerable moments—
each scream a plea: if I could’ve
loved him somehow more
with the timidity of the daughter
I was, but hidden in that body,
that almost boy.

I want to drag the level creator
sand-charred behind a chariot. Return me
my love: pitiful, imperfect,
like any first attempt. I’ll keep banging
my head against these echoes
until there’s no more sound.

*A kaizo block is an invisible coin block in the Super Mario series placed in order to prevent the player from completing a jump, mostly in difficult hacks of the game.