On the floor we drink watered down Coke
in Burger King glasses. It’s 3am and we want
to go out on a win. In the game we’re in a stadium
in our city and the virtual fans still stand
shoulder to shoulder. Then we’re in Rome. I don’t
understand the game like you do, but I crave
the swift release of the ball swinging
deep into the corner of the net. I lose myself
sometimes. So hard to remember who
you’re supposed to be when you haven’t seen
a mirror besides your own in months.
In my dream I did winged eyeliner
on one eye only. It looked ridiculous
and I wondered if I’d forgotten
how to apply it or if I’d gotten too used
to my face naked. Remind me again:
I’m the blue triangle that moves
towards the opposition’s goal
in accordance with the red joystick.