Dodo Airlines

when you fly across to
an island as another human
just like you waves and their
orchards and beautifully laid
out paths and meadows which
would overpower even the most
weak smelling nose and that
one corner of their island
with the japanese lanterns
and cedarwood tub and bamboo
grove no one asked for
except for more recipes wave
back in the gentle breeze

i wonder if wilbur soars over
islands covered in zen styled
stones all white granite
because who has the time to
customise so many and
wildflowers and silence there
is no tape recorder to play
bubblegum k.k. there isnt
even a way to change the town
tune bells and wasps lie
dormant waiting to hit the
ground but it never happens
again it must be lying in the
southern hemisphere i guess

and between privacy masks
that have been handstitched
by sable who gave me all the
patterns even the rainbow one
gay rights!~~
and my villagers birthdays
all lined up in a row where
i always wrap up their gift
with whatever colour of
wrapping timmy and tommy are
selling because thats what
best friends do for each

i think about how i told time
before evening cicadas before
when daisy mae cursed me with
bad turnip prices or without
the chimes that isabelle
installed when i sipped tea
and made someone smile
without the help of the happy
reaction or held my
boyfriends hand on a
hammersmith and city train
like it was a vaulting pole
i crafted on my own or when i
last saw my cousin before
they took her to roselawn
fishing up water eggs and
leaving them to never rot –

my island is a mess.
we should go to yours instead

i still havent been able to
grow purple tulips