Writer/Gamer Q&A: Roy Guzmán

Roy Guzmán is the writer behind the very first works of poetry that Cartridge Lit published: “The Fighter of Nortune” and “Jungian.” He’s headed to Minnesota this fall to earn a well-deserved MFA, but for now, he chats with us a little bit about Tetris and Lolita: The Game.          Cartridge Lit: What games are […]

Writer/Gamer Q&A: John McCarthy

There were a lot of good things to remember about our talks and revelations, but nothing compared to the feeling and taste of lukewarm Mountain Dew after beating Whiz-pig and the all the silver-coin challenges at three in the morning.

Writer/Gamer Q&A: Thomas Nowak

I tend to write about what is in my head, so I almost always write about video games in some way, but that is just because I think about them so much. There is no magic plan to make it all fit. Just don’t spend a lot of time and energy doing anything you don’t love.

Writer/Gamer Q&A: Camille Griep

Almost everything I write is filled with easter eggs. This is part video game and part nod to the canon of literature that comes before us. I feel like literature is not only the story itself but everything that informs the story, and that’s a deep gift for readers.

Writer/Gamer Q&A: Brian Oliu

We’re kicking off what we hope to be a regular feature on the Airship, contributor Q&As, with Brian Oliu. He wrote the wonderfully lyric non-fiction piece we launched with: “Goonies II”.

On ‘Chrono Trigger’, the Book

The book makes me want to dig for the box I know contains my copy of Chrono Trigger and all its siblings. Makes me want to remember how to connect a Super Nintendo to a modern-day TV (the RF/antenna connector still works but remember how much you hate screwing them in!).

Write for the Airship?

Yes, we’re looking to fill out our blog, The Airship, with some contributed content from our wonderful readers. Because we’re so early in the process, we’re very open to any ideas for regular columns or one-off pieces. These are meant to be different in style and purpose than our regular submissions. If you’re writing fiction/poetry/non-fiction, submit via our […]

Redesign: Some New Pixels

If you were one of our early visitors, you’ll notice that Cartridge Lit looks a little bit different now. A redesign, to say the least. We hope you like the new pixels.

Submissions are Now Open

Cartridge Lit is an online literature mag dedicated to showcasing the best lit – fiction, nonfiction, poetry – inspired by video games. We believe video games are important and vital to [pop] culture. Why shouldn’t there be a lit mag dedicated to showcasing Lit + Games? We don’t know why not, either, so, here we […]

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