Play This: Leave Luck to Heaven

Cartridge Lit contributor Brian Oliu has a new book out, Leave Luck to Heaven, from Uncanny Valley Press. The book is a collection of video game-twinged lyric essays that have been published in just about every literary magazine imaginable, and they’re all pretty amazing. Go “play” this.

Writer/Gamer Q&A: Roy Guzmán

Roy Guzmán is the writer behind the very first works of poetry that Cartridge Lit published: “The Fighter of Nortune” and “Jungian.” He’s headed to Minnesota this fall to earn a well-deserved MFA, but for now, he chats with us a little bit about Tetris and Lolita: The Game.          Cartridge Lit: What games are […]

Writer/Gamer Q&A: John McCarthy

There were a lot of good things to remember about our talks and revelations, but nothing compared to the feeling and taste of lukewarm Mountain Dew after beating Whiz-pig and the all the silver-coin challenges at three in the morning.

Writer/Gamer Q&A: Thomas Nowak

I tend to write about what is in my head, so I almost always write about video games in some way, but that is just because I think about them so much. There is no magic plan to make it all fit. Just don’t spend a lot of time and energy doing anything you don’t love.

Writer/Gamer Q&A: Camille Griep

Almost everything I write is filled with easter eggs. This is part video game and part nod to the canon of literature that comes before us. I feel like literature is not only the story itself but everything that informs the story, and that’s a deep gift for readers.