The Inter++sections Temple Issue

January 27, 2016

Four Poems

Jess Dutschmann


I borrow my womb from myself to be a nest for your thoughts. I want to exist as someone’s metaphor. Read


Marissa Landrigan


How we must look when we ride through the farms and villages between holds: two women mages, soft skin bound in studded leather armor, conjuration circles ringing our proud heads. Read

The Zelda Cut

Tabitha Blankenbiller


It’s hard to remember, sixteen years later, what I found so mesmerizing about a graphically obsolete princess. The jerky, jagged game was unrecognizable to the world I remembered spending dozens of hours in. Read


Donora Hillard-Hare


"If you think I'm the type of person to let anything go, you don't know me.” Read

NV, 1979

Ron Riekki


when we would play Space Invaders, we would pretend we were killing hegemony Read


Aubrey Hirsch


I’m a purger, generally speaking. I don’t hold onto things. I’m not even sure the Odyssey2 still works. Read

harvest moon: summer solstice

Phillip Spotswood


well bottoms have dried, have heard the baritone rumble of river and evaporated into counter-melody. villagers wake to a death march, to a song broke free from the ground. Read