As of late September 2016, we’re closing submissions for the first time as we get caught up and focus on chapbooks.

We’ll stay open to Airship pitches, although our response times might be slow.

What do we want?

1. Video game lit. Obviously. Check out any lyric essays by Brian Oliu or this story by Sam Martone or these prose poems by Emma Sovich for ideas of what we are looking to read and publish. Yes, stories about people playing video games. But more than that, stories that live within virtual worlds. What non-player characters dream of when the heroes aren’t around. What happens after the world is saved. Invent your own games and inhabit them with villains.

2. We like it short—2,000 words or less [micro and flash fiction/essays]—and poetic. Fictions, essays, and poetry [traditional or prose]. Submit at our Submittable page. If you’re writing short fiction or essays, say 500 words or less, feel free to send up to three. If you’re writing poetry, send as many as five.

3.  Of course, simultaneous submissions are great. Just let us know if we should be congratulating you on having your piece accepted elsewhere.

4. As far as cover letters go, no need to get fancy with us. Just be sure to send a short bio if nothing else.

5. No previously-published material, please. New work only.

6. Cartridge Lit acquires First North American Serial Rights. All copyright reverts back to the author upon publication. If your piece does get published elsewhere or anthologized or put into a book in the future, it’d be lovely if you referenced the publication.

7. We will definitely respond to submissions as quickly as we can manage. Please be patient with us. We’re trying—though, we are human and we are busy and we like to eat/sleep sometimes and play with dogs.

8. Any questions? Email us at CartridgeLit [AT] gmail [DOT] com without additional queries.

Press start.


* * *

The Airship

Want to write some more informal pieces for our blog, The Airship? We’re actively looking for contributors to write regular columns or one-off pieces or whatever else you might have in mind. Want to write a series based on a game you’re playing through right now? Want to write a column about the latest literary-minded indie games? Want to interview writers who also love video games? We want all of that. Pitch us your ideas or your completed work at Submittable.