Redesign: Some New Pixels

If you were one of our early visitors, you’ll notice that Cartridge Lit looks a little bit different now. A redesign, to say the least. We hope you like the new pixels. If you’re new, we hope you like them anyway. A tiny tiny fraction of the code that makes this place possible can be seen in the picture above. There’s a lot of it, but it works.

When Justin said he was looking for a co-pilot here, I told him I wanted this to be a literary magazine that pays homage as much as possible to its source material, even though we’re working in vastly different mediums. I wanted Cartridge Lit to be beautiful, as games like Chrono Trigger still are to many of us. Some of you will remember the scene featured in the site’s header. Death Peak ring a bell? A Doppel Doll, perhaps?

Chrono and Marle aren’t featured there, but in a way they are. In pixel-spirit. And that’s sort of what we’re trying to do here. Create new art out of the things that inspired us.

Hence, this redesign that tries to pay homage, already, to what we love. But still, Justin and I still have some big ideas about what might happen here. We want to make fiction and poetry and non-fiction bleed video games. We’re launching with our first work on May 5, and they’re going to be great. And then we’re going to keep leveling this place up.

~ Joel, co-pilot. With love.