Best of the Net Nominations

We are thrilled to announce our nominations for the Best of the Net anthology, which is published annually by Sundress Publications. 


Non-fiction: “The Perils of Rosella” by Camille Griep

Non-fiction: “Goonies II” by Brian Oliu


Fiction: “FA6-DBB-4C1” by Amanda Miska

Fiction: “This Isn’t Really About Fishing” by Tasha Coryell


Poetry: “When Your Madden Running Back Retires” by Jason McCall

Poetry: “After I Heard Another White Woman at the Bar Talking About Michael Vick and the Death Penalty” by Jason McCall

Poetry: “on invincibility” by B.J. Best

Poetry: “How Not to Win at Big Buck Hunter” by Georgia Bellas

Poetry: “Jungian” by Roy G. Guzmán

Poetry: “Flashcards” by Thomas Nowak


Justin and I are incredibly grateful for the submissions from these writers, and all those who have made up the first few months of Cartridge Lit‘s life. Such a wonderful list of contributors and such a wonderful collection of stories, essays, and poems.

Best of luck to everyone involved! Play on.