Boss Fight Books: Baldur’s Gate, Spelunky, WoW, MGS!

Gabe Durham, our friend over at Boss Fight Books, has recently announced a second “season” of video game books, and it looks absolutely incredible. All those mentioned above, an investigation into the making of Bible Adventures by Gabe himself, plus a sixth book that will cover whatever game receives the most votes—donate to the Kickstarter project and get the chance to fill in a gap, perhaps, or read about your favorite game.

Those who subscribe to Season 2, or did subscribe to Season 1, will also receive the Boss Fight Books Anthology, which features a host of talented people, including contributor Brian Oliu, and friend Mike Meginnis (one of the two people behind the publisher of Brian’s most recent book, Leave Luck to Heaven).

The writers that Gabe has corralled for this season are impressive and diverse—Matt Bell is best-known for his surreal novel-as-fable In the House upon the Dirt between the Lake and the Woods, while Ashly and Anthony Burch are famous for the video series “Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin.” And one can’t get much closer to the action, so to speak, than from the creator of Spelunky itself, Derek Yu.

Last year, Boss Fight Books pitched itself as the “the 33 1/3 of video games” and launched titles that covered games like EarthBoundChrono TriggerZZT, and more.

This season of Boss Fight Books has already sped bast its funding goal with Sonic-like speed, but that doesn’t meant you shouldn’t contribute—meeting stretch goals makes the season better for everyone, and there’s something there for just about any type of gamer/reader out there.

Check out their Kickstarter project and back it before November 18. Books will start heading out in January 2015.