Best of the Net 2015 Nominations

We’re very happy to to announce our nominations for the Best of the Net 2015 anthology, which is published annually by Sundress Publications.

Non-fiction: “Downpour” by Jamison Crabtree
Non-fiction: “Sowing Season is Non-Competitive” by Emily O’Neill

Fiction: “New Game Plus” by Matt Sailor
Fiction: “The Unauthorized Guide to Circles Drain” by B.R. Yeager

Poetry: “…Erm, What Is His Name Again?” by Leila Chatti
Poetry: “we replaced the universe with tiny things” by Jamison Crabtree
Poetry: “Patch Notes” by Rachel Springer Dunbar
Poetry: “>GET LAMP” by Jordan Pailthorpe
Poetry: “Mountain Simulator” by Jayme Russell
Poetry: “It’s Dangerous to Go Alone” by Devin Stabley-Conde

By now, we’ve been around for more than a year and have seen a lot of work pass across our front page. We’re incredibly grateful for everyone who has submitted, and are thrilled with the work we’ve been able to publish. We hope

Best of luck to our nominees! Play on.