Press Start to Continue

Back when we first created Cartridge Lit, we wanted to start a literary journal that was pretty free of fuss. Just a place where we could get together and celebrate video games and the many ways that they did and continue to inspire our creative lives.

Cartridge Lit definitely delivered in that regard. For more than two years, we did our best to publish new, exciting work from dozens of incredible contributors. We tried out publishing weekly, and then transitioned to issues to better accommodate our schedules, which continued to get busier and more complicated.

Starting about a year ago, we started to feel that we wouldn’t be able to continue committing the amount of time, dedication, and love necessary to keep Cartridge Lit going strong. We brought Alison (A.A.) Balaskovits onboard to help out with our social media and lend her eye toward submissions.

Even then, our lives got more complicated, and our passions drifted to other projects. We’ve finally decided it was time to move on, but we didn’t want to close the journal down, even if we kept the site up indefinitely. We still believe there’s so much good video game literature yet to be published.

The good news is that we’re happily leaving Cartridge Lit in the smart and steady hands of Alison and William Hoffacker. Together, maybe with some others, they’ll be leading the next era of the Cartridge Lit.

We’re not completely disappearing—we have chapbooks to finish up and publish, and we’ll be around to help make the transition as smooth as possible. Most importantly, Cartridge Lit will continue its mission of legitimizing video games, and literature about video games, as genuine art. We hope you’ll stick around, continue reading, submit some of your work, and give Alison and William their best as they take on this new project.

As for us, maybe we’ll take this time to finally write some of the video game writing we’ve been dreaming about for years now.

With love,

Justin & Joel