[NAME] Wants to Join the Party

As you may have heard the sad tidings, Joel and Justin are leaving Cartridge Lit. Words cannot express how much we are going to miss them. When we heard the news, we rolled up like Isaac and wept on the floor. Now we’ve picked ourselves up, and we’re excited to continue their great work in this, the journal’s next gen. But not without looking to expand our team.

We are calling for applications to join our small but scrappy party. Cartridge Lit is unique among literary journals as we strive to share with you the best video game literature out there, and the more eyes we have looking at the lit the better our chances of accomplishing that goal. Right now, we are searching for one or two people to join as readers for submissions, as well as any additional value you can add: social media initiatives, website curation, the best guide for driving the Mako in Mass Effect (so frustrating!), reaching new readers, or any other plans. We’re as open as any door in Morrowind once you get the skeleton key.

If you’re interested—and we hope you are—we’ll be taking applications at cartridgelit@gmail.com. Give it the following subject line: “Editor Application: [YOUR NAME].” In the body of that email, in whatever form works best for you, give us the following information:

1. Name. Bio. Links to representative social media.

2. Brief summary of your history of working at a lit mag. (It’s not necessary to have this experience, but we’d love to know if you do.)

3. Why would you like to work with us? What work would you like to do for the journal? What can we do to improve? What would you like to see us do in the future?

4. Your favorite video games and why you like them.

We apologize in advance that this is not a paid position. We’d love to pay you, but like most journals, we’re doing this for the love of the words. The deadline is Feb. 1st. We will make our decisions shortly after that.

Happy gaming!