NEW Chapbook: ‘Tender Glories’ by K. Jane Childs

We are thrilled to announce that we have just published the winner of the Push [START] to Begin Chapbook Contest, Tender Glories by K. Jane Childs, a collection based on the Quest for Glory series of classic Sierra adventure games. As it is with many video games, there were some delays in the production of this chapbook, but now it’s out of beta and we’re so excited to be bringing you this beautiful work. We hope you will read it, enjoy it, celebrate the author, and share it widely.

Those of you with exceptional memories may recall that, when Cartridge Lit announced the contest winner, we also committed to publishing the chapbooks of two runners-up. We are hard at work on those chapbooks (thanks to the continuing efforts of co-founder and master designer, Joel Hans), and we expect to have them ready in the coming months. In the meantime, please visit (or revisit) our current chapbook catalog, and stay tuned for another announcement, very soon, about the new editors about to join our team.

And keep mashing those tender buttons!