Congratulations, Computer!

Once per lifetime,
you may trade fish
for the blessing
of the Lake Goddess.
Successfully hook the elusive
blue trout, throw it back.
The Goddess emerges,
green-haired specter
over water, and boosts
your choice bachelorette’s
affection fifty points.

Whale World

Here you can slide on the ice
with your sister

Here when you are hurt your body is shortened
legs chopped from beneath you

Here if you hold the a-button you can linger in the air
a canyon-jumper

Shigeru Miyamoto Goes Spelunking

When McKenzie from down the street died
I told my dad I was biking to his house
to explore it & he didn’t stop me. I biked there

but couldn’t go inside

Dream #6: Isaac

Miss me: the face is split into three,
but unionizing, page four.
You are full of yolk, family secrets,
dirty shit, cheap shoes

Letter to Crash Bandicoot

Somehow thought dancing
with moves I learned from a video game
would make the other kids forget my mom
wasn’t black.