Dodo Airlines

i think about how i told time
before evening cicadas before
when daisy mae cursed me with
bad turnip prices or without
the chimes that isabelle
installed when i sipped tea
and made someone smile


In my dream I did winged eyeliner
on one eye only. It looked ridiculous
and I wondered if I’d forgotten
how to apply it or if I’d gotten too used
to my face naked. Remind me again:

Collecting Chaos

Directional pad, three buttons,
that’s all it was & it was too much
for a game where all there is
is run, run, jump, run, run
crouch & charge & run.

Words Drowned by Fireworks

Someone out there,
a considerable length away
from this tomb’s miraculous
demise, could do
something as well, anything.

Five Poems

the crowd stands to honor fallen heroes
brought to you by RAYTHEON, guiding
missiles to the heart since 1948
you hear that thump, you know you’re alive