Country Trash Proud

But there’s only so much sky and only so much river
to drink the oceans, to make the fish cry. So much constellation
for being a great thief, a failure in all things. Instead, we have
full-time jobs, new again next year. Home is not gonna call itself.

A Portrait of Living

A burglar steals your couch and your telephone but
it still rings. There is always a mysterious phone call,
“They are coming,” it warns.
No one ever comes! House party!

Three Poems

the Elkhorn mine collapsed
after a crew drilled too deep
into the earth—discovering
water. The mine filled fast
after, carrying off its workers.

Two Poems

brutality. Sunless parade                          of the poor. So today,
I do not question the Reaper      or its iron want. The metal giant
can try to save us            from ourselves. I cannot see
an end without total                                   destruction.

How to Tank in Overwatch 2

There is nowhere to run
except forward. Oh, to be a man
again and take up so much space.