Write for the Airship?

Yes, we’re looking to fill out our blog, The Airship, with some contributed content from our wonderful readers. Because we’re so early in the process, we’re very open to any ideas for regular columns or one-off pieces.

These are meant to be different in style and purpose than our regular submissions. If you’re writing fiction/poetry/non-fiction, submit via our regular submissions.

Want to write a series of short criticisms based on a game you’re playing through right now? Want to write a weekly column about the latest literary-minded indie games? Want to interview writers who also love video games? We want all of that and more. Give us your ideas and we’ll see what could work.

Pitch us your ideas at CartridgeLit [AT] gmail [DOT] com with the formatting: [Airship] [Your name] [A few words to summarize].