October, 2016

Whale World

Here you can slide on the ice
with your sister

Here when you are hurt your body is shortened
legs chopped from beneath you

Here if you hold the a-button you can linger in the air
a canyon-jumper


Unlike the unfamiliar neighborhoods I had to traverse in my Driver’s Ed car, the Noopy landmarks were straightforward and easy to map: Tom Nook’s place. Able Sisters. The town hall. The dump. The museum. Neighbors’ houses, the river, the bridges, the cliff, the sea.

Vignettes from Final Fantasy VI

War knows your question already. No need to say it aloud. But keep it in your head, just the same. You’ll need it when the music starts.

The Eternal Sadness of Murin and Reynard

Specie is a digital currency that allows you to buy bling in all of FBLZ’s social apps for your pet twin, your pet you. You can, of course, buy specie with cash, credit, cryptocurrency—but there is a coinlust to getting it for free.