Retrogamer: Rinse, Repeat, Reload

I go to fight the Deathclaw Queen, now that I’m strong enough to kill it. And I do. But Tycho dies. Reload. I die. Reload. Dogmeat dies. Reload. Tycho dies. Reload.

Retrogamer: Video Game Villains

We haven’t had a serious video game villain as a candidate for president. Someone who stands up and says words of terror and fear and who request oaths of fealty. Who stands for nothing but pride and self-aggrandizement and who just might be doing the whole shebang as a publicity stunt?

Retrogamer: Rather Be a Conscript

Even if I somehow achieve fame in this lifetime (not a goal), it’ll only be a few generations before that evaporates as well. This causes many sleepless nights and depressed, gray days. I am not an optimist.

Retrogamer: Bullet Time, 2016

There’s little about Skies of Arcadia that is unique. It’s a story of plucky pirates fighting against an empire. Ho-hum. I’ve played that game before. It isn’t particularly well told, or odd enough, or easy and simple to play.

Retrogamer: The Inspiration

When my friends Hattie and Peter moved away to Seattle, they asked if I wanted their DS. “We don’t play anymore and thought you might enjoy it.” “Well, sure,” I said, mentally amending my motto of Never turn down a free meal, drink, or ride—you never know when another will come along. “I’ll definitely play […]