To Defeat the Devil: A Conversation with Adrienne Celt

The different stops that Daniel makes on his journey back to Osiris do feel like scenes in a desolate, Myst-like game, and it makes sense to me to view Daniel’s journey as a kind of heroic quest […]

One Player’s Guide, Act II: A Conversation with Sam Martone

Generally in my fiction the characters are collectors or creators of some kind and totally driven by that, or they’re hung up on a particular idea, trying to figure out how to deal with it or escape from it—now that I say this, it kind of sounds like I’m describing fiction in general. My stories also tend to wear disguises, solve mysteries, hang around with monsters.

One Player’s Guide: A Conversation with Sam Martone

Video games, especially older ones when designers were more limited in terms of what they could do/show, have such strange internal logics, making for totally unfamiliar, surreal narratives that I don’t think could’ve arisen in traditional fiction (the same way film opened up all sorts of doors for stories, too).